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Cathedral of the North Shore

Immigrant. Pastor. Mayor. Godfather of a Legacy. “Cathedral of the North Shore” explores the history surrounding the beginnings of the rural St. Joseph Parish in Wilmette, IL to it’s growth and influence in the whole North Shore area through the provocative figure of Fr. William Netstraeter.


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  • Cinematographer-Ben-LeMenager-inside-the-bell-tower-smaller
    Cinematographer Ben LeMenager
    inside the bell tower
  • Assistant-director-Bobby-Watson
    Assistant director Bobby Watson
  • Director-Michael-Jolls-with-cast
    Director Michael Jolls with cast
  • Makeup-artist-Ashley-Brooks-and-actor-Jimmie-Tolliver
    Makeup artist Ashley Brooks and actor Jimmie Tolliver
  • Scotts-Media-filmming-inside-the-school
    Scotts-Media filmming inside the school
  • Fr.-Rob-Schultz-and-Natalia-Samoylova
    Fr. Rob Schultz and Natalia Samoylova

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