Parish Organizations

Parish Organizations

Parish Pastoral Council

This Council consists of parishioners who comprise the primary consultative body in the parish. It advises the Pastor and other staff members on issues relevant to the parish community. They work on sub-committees from time to time as designated by the needs of the parish. Members are proposed by the nominating committee and are appointed by the Pastor. Terms are 3 years. Meetings are held monthly on the 3rd Monday and are open to all. Contact the President, Curt Robey at 847-256-8854 or

Finance Committee

This council, whose existence is required in every parish by the universal law of the Church, provides counsel and assistance to the pastor on all financial matters related to the operation of the parish. Its members are appointed by the pastor.

Building Committee

This committee works to enhance the current facilities and monitor the need for repair. Anyone who has knowledge of plumbing, electricity, boiler workings, construction and building requirements is invited to become part of this group. Contact John Henik at

Women’s Club

Moms & Tots


Youth Ministry

Legion of Mary

Members visit homebound and sick parishioners and hold weekly meetings. Contact Sue Hayden, President, via e-mail:

Respect Life

The Respect Life Committee has a twofold mission: Educate parishioners on the latest information concerning Pro-life issues and support pro-life organizations.

Resource Centers like Aid for Women and The Women’s Centers and to pray for an end to abortion and a change of heart for those who have difficulty with this issue. Contact Claudia Morse-Karzen at 847-251-6407 or e-mail at

Grounds Committee

This group’s goal is to improve and enhance the beauty of St. Joseph’s grounds by maintaining the flower beds, gardens and lawns. The gardens are truly a joy to behold. Contact the parish office to find out more or volunteer your time and talent.

Welcoming Committee

This group contacts new parishioners once they are registered at St. Joseph. It hosts two welcoming dinner parties for the new families during the year. Contact Mary Pearce at 847-256-5968 or e-mail at or George Pearce at

St. Vincent de Paul Society

This group assists those who are in financial need. The St. Vincent de Paul works closely with New Trier Township on helping those in urgent need of assistance. Contact the Parish Office at 847-251-0771.

Bereavement Ministry

Trained ministry offers support to family members at the time of loss of a loved one. Contact Sunny Feeley at (847) 251-8586 or June Walsh at (847) 251-9427.

Ministers of Care

This group takes Holy Communion, gives spiritual, and emotional support to the homebound aged, ill and those hospitalized. Contact the parish office and ask for Joan Stazy.


Loving Outreach to Survivors of Suicide is a program through Catholic Charities which reaches out to family members and loved ones with the purpose of bringing healing and hope after such a painful loss. St. Joseph hosts a monthly drop in meeting. Contact Jean Bishop at 847-256-4283.

Alcoholics Anonymous

Every Saturday @ 8:00am in the annex building, room 1A

Al- Anon

Every Tuesday @ 9:00am in the annex building, room 1A

Parish School Organization (PSO)

Helps support school activities by raising funds to keep tuition costs manageable; it provides enrichment opportunities, hosts social events, and creates a welcoming environment for students and their families. Contact Carrie Flick at 847-251-6857 or e-mail at, 2nd year co-president & Michelle McGregor at 847-784-1829 or e-mail at, 1st year co-president.


St. Joseph Parish hosts a SPRED (SPecial REligious Development) group for persons with disabilities. Our group is for 12-16 year olds. SPRED groups at neighboring parishes host other ages from six years old to adult. Contact Marion Kahle at 847-676-1058 or email at

Religious Education Advisory Board

This board consists of parents who have children in the Religious Education program. It is responsible for planning and implementing special activities that foster the faith of their children. The meetings are on the 2nd Monday of the month during the school year. The term is for 2 years. Contact Julie Duffy at 847-251-4821 or e-mail at

School Board

This board serves as advisors to the Pastor and the principal regarding the strategy, policies and operation of the school. It develops a long range plan and assists in the achievement of the annual goals to improve facilities, programs, and curriculum. Contact Sally Robey at 847-256-8854 or e-mail at

Liturgy Committee

This committee helps prepare the liturgy for regular masses and special celebrations including the areas of prayer, song and the environment. Meetings are on the 2nd Monday of each month. Contact Heidi O’Toole at and Mary Versino at



Baptismal Preparation Classes

Couples from the parish host Baptismal Preparation in their homes. This class is for parents who are having their first child baptized. Contact Dana McKenna at 847-251-3734 or e-mail at

Technology Committee

This is a newly formed committee created to service, maintain and upgrade as required the computer system and service for the Parish. A committee chairperson and members are desired. Contact the Parish Office at 847-251-0771 for further information.

Communications Committee

This is a newly formed committee and includes preparation of the Parish Bulletin, the Parish Directory and Organizational booklets as well as Website Development and the Bells of St. Joseph On-line Newsletter. For further information contact John Henik at

Meals at Home

This committee provides volunteers for “Meals at Home” to deliver meals to homebound elderly, disabled, and those temporarily unable to care for their nutritional needs. Contact Jean Dolan at 847-251-2724 or e-mail at

Operation Support our Troops (O-SOT)

This committee conducts several collection drives for goods to send overseas. Makes cooling neck scarves and Christmas stockings for the soldiers in Iraq & Afghanistan. Contact Anita Hargett at 847-251-5647 or e-mail at

Parish Mission Team

The Parish Mission Team develops programs for the spiritual enrichment of the parishioners. This includes the Lenten Mission during the Lenten Season and the Advent Program during the Advent Season. Contact Andy Elbert at or Kirsten Solmos at

Men’s Rosary League

All are welcome to pray the rosary in church. Contact Tom Considine at 847-920-9741 or e-mail at or Kirsten Solmos at (847) 853-9021 or e-mail at for more information.

Cub Scouts

St. Joseph Cub Scout Pack 14 is made up of 1st through 5th graders from St. Joseph School, parish children and the community. All are welcome! If you know of a boy who is interested in scouting, please let us know. Contact: Deborah Barr at or 773-230-8932 or Coleen Wade at or Ellen Schermerhorn at

Evangelization Committee

A lay group formed to promote a “Life Lived in Faith” to benefit St. Joseph parishioners through activities designed to educate, communicate, and share parish experiences. The Mission of the Evangelization Committee is threefold: To strengthen and inspire the Faithful, To reach out to those Catholics that have drifted away from the Church and offer opportunities for their return, and to transform the parish into one that is Faith-filled and welcoming. Contact John Henik at or Annette Henik at


On special holidays, these men, women, families and children greet and welcome people to our parish. Generally greeters are present at special masses, Christmas Masses and Easter Masses. To be a greeter or for greeter training, contact Mary Pat Buckley at 847-256-2075 or at for more information.